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  • Originally published by David Coale. Among other holdings related to the arbitrability of a dispute between a ... Curated by Texas Bar Today. Follow us on Twitter...

  • Originally published by Adam Faderewski. The State Bar of Texas has launched a new technology page with information and links to resources attorneys need to navigate...

  • Originally published by Beth Graham. In response to the lawsuit, Uber filed a motion to compel arbitration based on ... Curated by Texas Bar Today. Follow us...

  • Originally published by lawschool academicsupport. We are several weeks into the Fall semester. 1L students are starting to get a little ... Curated by Texas Bar Today....

  • Originally published by Mary Flood. Top legal news: Texas prisons stop using solitary confinement as punishment ... Curated by Texas Bar Today. Follow us on Twitter @texasbartoday.

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Officers and Directors

Penny Phillips - President

Brian Andrade - President-Elect

Jennifer Richardson - Secretary

Elizabeth Swan - Treasurer

Kimberly Killebrew - Social/LRS Director

Stuart Brown - Co-Social Director

Theda Page - Social Media Director

Laura Calhoun - CLE Director

Cynthia Dashiell - CLE Director

John Goren - Director at Large

Thomas Keen - Director at Large

Connie Pena - Past President

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